Tuesday, February 22, 2011

26 days to go!

So today is the 22nd February - which means only 26 days to go until I jet off to Japan!
There's so much still to do!
I just received my CoE (aka. The Certificate of Eligibility) notification via email - they've given me a tracking number for FedEx so I can follow it, it's expected to arrive by Friday. Once that comes, I'll need to take it to the Japanese Consulate in the city, and exchange that for my official visa.

I don't know if things seem real yet..
Yes, I've finished up at JB..
Yes, I'm finishing up at Conquest at the end of this week..
Yes, I am saving my dollars..
Yes, I'm collecting things I need (you can never have enough pairs of stockings! Ha ha)
But I wonder when it'll really hit me!

Either way, this is where I am at the moment..
26 days, 26 days, 26 days!!!